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The BAR Lab recruits the majority of our study participants through our Departmental Human Subject Pool service where students receive course credit for their participation. In addition, we also maintain our own experiment management system for those who are not eligible to receive course credit and, instead, we offer money in exchange for their time. You will find a link below that will take you to the system we have in place to recruit for our paid studies. You will be asked to register in our system and will have access to the studies that are currently recruiting participants. Monetary compensation depends on the type and duration of the study and will be outlined in each of the studies’ descriptions.

Posting: August 2023

Opportunity to participate in research about mind wandering in individuals high in autistic traits

Background: The BAR Lab studies different aspects of attention and inattention during natural, everyday activities. Mind wandering (also known as day dreaming) is when your attention switches from a task or the external world to internal trains of thought. When we mind wander, we might revisit memories, make plans, set goals, mull concerns, engage in self-reflection, or think about other people. Although studied extensively in neurotypicals, there has been scant research on mind wandering in individuals high in autistic traits. This means that we know little about their internal, subjective experiences. I am hoping my research will help begin to fill this gap in knowledge.

This study is funded by UBC’s Public Scholar Initiative.

Please note:

  • Participants for this study must have a diagnosis of autism or Asperger’s.
  • Participants are compensated $25.00 / 30 minutes of their time.
  • The study takes place at UBC’s Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, 4th floor
  • Must be at least 19 years of age to participate.

Study procedures (what you will be asked to do)

Participants will be asked to sit for 5 minutes of rest with their eyes closed in a quiet room. Immediately following the resting period, participants will complete a short survey that asks about those 5 minutes of rest. Once participants have completed the survey, they will take part in an interview where the researcher will ask participants to expand on some of their answers on the short survey. The interview will be recorded and footage might be used in a documentary about autism and mind wandering.

To sign up for this study please use the link below. Leilani, the PhD student conducting the study, will contact you to arrange an interview day and time.

Sign-up link:

For questions about the research please email Leilani at barlab[at]

For further information about the research:

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Posting: May 2023

If you are interested, please contact Leilani at lforby[at] with the phrase “flyer response” in the subject heading.

 BAR Lab Experiment Management System (Paid Studies List)

If you’ve already registered in our system but are looking for more opportunities to participate in paid studies, follow the link below to the Visual Cognition Lab’s experiment management system. You can register in their system and will have access to the studies that are currently recruiting participants in the VisCog lab.

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