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New term, new lab members! This September the BAR lab welcomes new MA student (Jake Gerlofs), post-doc (Farid Pazhoohi) and University of Essex Phd student visitor (Jess Dawson)! Looking forward to a productive term 🙂

Research from the BARLab shows how thinking and behaviour differs in virtual reality and real life The findings of this study have been covered in multiple news articles, read about it in Engineering & Technology, Science Daily, UBC News, and SUNY Poly News.

Funding for ongoing research An NSERC Engage grant for research collaboration between Telus and the BARlab has just been funded. Looking forward to the exciting work linking our research to an industry partner! Post-doc Basil Wahn was successful in a DFG Grant, providing him with two years of funding for his work in the lab. Congrats, Basil!!

Welcome to our new lab members In Fall 2018 three new MA students joined the lab. A big welcome to Leilani, Oliver and Nat!

Live interview by our very own Alessandra DiGiacomo Congratulations to Alessandra for her fantastic live interview on Saturday morning! Alessandra’s work on bin convenience increasing recycling and composting rates was recently published and his catching quite a bit of attention. Amazing work! You can watch the interview here:

Congratulations to lab undergrad RAs A big congrats to former lab RA Austin Rothwell, who recently was awarded the Wesbrook Scholar designation. And to current lab RA, Daniil Vasilyev, who received an NSERC USRA to conduct research in the lab over the summer. Way to go!

Testing new VR equipment While testing some of our new VR equipment we gave Julian, one of our research assistants, quite a scare! Here we are using a very simple VR headset with a smartphone to show Julian a VR ghost story.  Click on the link below to view his reaction: VR testing

Recruiting Volunteer Research Assistants The Brain, Attention and Reality Lab is looking for enthusiastic and motivated students to volunteer with us!  General expectations for volunteer Research Assistants include recruiting and scheduling research participants, literature reviews, coding, data entry and other admin tasks in the lab. If you are interested in volunteering as a research assistant, please email a resume, a […]

2 Postdoctoral Positions Postdoctoral Position: Social Attention in Real and Virtual Environments  Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in the research lab of Alan Kingstone – Brain, Attention and Reality lab – at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. The BarLab is looking for an independent, team-oriented, individual to spearhead a program of research investigating human […]

Congratulations Grayden! We are thrilled for Grayden Solman who leaves today, with Sabrina Diemert (and their two cats), to take up an Assistant Professor research faculty position at the University of Hawaii.  We’re going to miss you Grayden!  (Until of course we all come to visit.)

Are you talking to me? New research shows attention shapes social behaviours New research from our very own Kaitlin Laidlaw, with co-authors Austin Rothwell and Alan Kingstone, is the first to show that covert attention, such as paying attention out of the corner of your eye, is critical to guiding appropriate looking behaviour when we’re around other people. The paper “Camouflaged attention: Covert attention is critical to social […]

Kaitlin Laidlaw is back in the lab! Alas, only for this last week of May.  Come watch walk across the stage on Friday!  If you can’t be there in person, you can watch it here:

Welcome to Julien Lambert-Song Julien, who will be graduating next year from Laval University, joins our lab this summer having secured a prestigious NSERC USRA.

Walter is back in town! Walter Bischof is back in the lab for a sustained visit for the months of May and June. As always, he can be found almost at any time of the day working in the lab….

Congratulations Jill! PhD student Jill Dosso successfully defended her comprehensive examinations and proposal this week! She is our newest PhD candidate, so very well deserved! Congratulations Jill 🙂

Congratulations Kaitlin! We are very happy to announce that Dr. Kaitlin Laidlaw was selected as the 2015 winner of the Belkin Prize for Best Doctoral Dissertation. Congratulations on your excellent work!  

Congratulations, Quentin! Research Assistant, Quentin Raffaeli, recently received the Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award (DURA), an award recognizing his strong display of research experience as an undergraduate! Thanks, Quentin, for your hard work in the lab 🙂

Congratulations Dr. Laidlaw! BAR Lab member Kaitlin Laidlaw passed her Ph.D. defense on November 6th, with flying colours! She’s set a new bar for the rest of the lab with an outstanding presentation, hard work and determination. Kaitlin will be heading to the Western University to complete a post-doc under the supervision of Dr. Goodale and Dr. Culham. […]

You better watch out, You better not cry… Walter Bischof is coming to town! He’ll be in Vancouver from April 24 – May 15th. ALSO – Congratulations to Walter for receiving a 5 year NSERC Discovery Grant here at UBC! !

Tom Foulsham is in town! Tom is visiting from the University of Essex and will be in the BARLab for a couple of weeks. While here he’ll be completing some current research projects as well as starting up some new ones. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to hang out with Tom while he’s here!

Matt Gobel will be visiting us on Feb 16/17 (M/Tu) Matt is a PhD student with Daniel Richardson (see his sweet new paper in Cognition, Vol 136, pp. 359–364).  He’ll be giving an informal talk one of the two days he’s here; probably on Monday.  Stay tuned…

In the news – Paper by Joe and Evan Recently it was brought to my attention that there was a story on their leaning paper. See the link below.

Recycling Bin Redesign: collaboration between the BAR Lab and Emily Carr University (September 4, 2014) The BAR Lab has collaborated with Emily Carr University design students on a Recycling Bin Redesign project organized by Metro Vancouver. To learn more about this exciting initiative read the article and watch the video here.

New research on eye-tracking devices sheds light on the implications of wearable technologies (August 6, 2014) Wearers of smart glasses such as Google Glass can easily forget they’re recording what they see and despite the best of intentions, can violate other people’s privacy. That’s the suggestion of new research out of the Brain and Attention Lab in the University of British Columbia’s Dept. of Psychology. For a study just […]

David, Alex and Alan’s work on sustainability a feature story in UBC’s 2013/2014 annual report (July 28, 2014) To assist the UBC Campus Sustainability Sort it Out program and to underline the campus as a ‘living lab’, our researchers in the BAR Lab monitored the recycling outcomes at two popular eating areas in two very differently designed buildings on the Vancouver campus: the Student Union Building (SUB) and the Centre […]