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Matt Gobel will be visiting us on Feb 16/17 (M/Tu)

Matt is a PhD student with Daniel Richardson (see his sweet new paper in Cognition, Vol 136, pp. 359–364).  He’ll be giving an informal talk one of the two days he’s here; probably on Monday.  Stay tuned…

Lab retreat to Mayne Island

Last Thurs – Sat (Jan 22-24) – some in the lab were able to slip away to Mayne Island, to share their work, brainstorm, play darts and pool, weather a power failure, hike, etc.  Ace reporter Miriam Maan appeared to take photos of everything and everyone, so I suspect that there will be a few snaps shared soon.

In the news – Paper by Joe and Evan

Recently it was brought to my attention that there was a story on their leaning paper. See the link below.

Welcome to Miriam Maan

The BAR lab is happy to welcome Miriam Maan, a visiting MA student from the University of Amsterdam!  Take a look at her guest page in the Current Visitors section of the site for more info on the research she will be conducting while she’s with us.